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Orange Park Root Canal Therapy Can Rescue Suffering Teeth

If you’ve ever experienced a toothache, you know how painful they can be. Sometimes, this sensation is mere sensitivity that will go away once the nerve is no longer stimulated. However, at other times, excessive oral discomfort can be a sign of a deeper concern. When tooth decay has become so severe that it’s managed to penetrate the vulnerable inner layer of one or more teeth, the nerve itself becomes infected, which can lead to swelling and potential loss. Thankfully, Dr. Natasha Patel and the rest of the Kind Care Dentistry team can provide root canal therapy in order to revitalize and preserve your natural dental structure. Contact our Orange Park location today to schedule an appointment!

How Does Root Canal Therapy Work?

During this procedure, our team will carefully access the inner chamber of the tooth in order to remove diseased pulp from the inner canals and thoroughly disinfect the entire structure. We’ll also fill it with an inert, biocompatible material that will help protect it from more harmful bacteria. Finally, after sealing the tooth shut again, the tooth will be covered with a custom-made crown in order to restore its full shape and function. That’s it!

The number one question we’re asked about root canal therapy is “will it hurt?” With today’s advancements in technology and anesthetics, this procedure has become simpler and more comfortable than ever before. Even better, it has an extremely high success rate, which means that treated teeth can serve patients well for many years with the right amount of professional maintenance and personal at-home oral hygiene. Our goal is to reduce the anxiety our patients are feeling and educate them fully on what to expect when faced with any intimidating procedure. Dr. Patel only wants to do what’s best for her patients here in Orange Park.

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