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Patient Experience

At Kind Care Dentistry, we truly care for our patients, and we show this by making the experience during treatment as comfortable and caring as we can. Below are some of the comfort amenities we provide, as well as some of the ways we try to fit well into your family and your busy schedule.

Fear-Free Techniques

We understand that many patients are worried about pain when they visit the dentist. That’s why we use the latest devices and developments to make anesthetic delivery as painless as possible.

Our Three Part Process

First Part

Extra strength flavored numbing topical gel will numb your gum tissues at the site. This is a local anesthetic using 20% Benzocaine, and is powerful enough to allow injection to be initiated without the “pinch” associated with delivery. It works effectively and fast.

Second Part

DentalVibe is used to effectively trick the brain. Before pain signals are felt, this device sends faster vibration signals so that the injection is not noticed. You will be surprised how well this works!

Third Part

We’ve invested in warmed and buffered anesthetic to make anesthetic delivery as comfortable as possible. Warmed to your internal temperature and pH, the body will not feel the solution as foreign, further camouflaging the senses. This is what usually causes injection pain.

Our staff is also well-trained in patient anxiety management!

Sedation Dentistry

Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide sedation offers a number of benefits to patients with dental anxiety, including:

Other Cool Stuff

For your Convenience

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