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Kind Care Savings Plan

If you have no insurance, dental treatment can be very expensive. At Kind Care Dentistry, we understand this problem, and our team has found a way to help patients that do not have any dental insurance. When you sign up for our Kind Care Savings Plan, you can receive a significant discount on many treatment options. This plan even includes free cleanings and an annual exam so that you and your family can maintain healthy, happy smiles.

Download our Kind Care Savings Plan PDF Brochure below:

Dental Savings Plan

What Makes this Different than Dental Insurance?

Our Dental Savings Plan Includes:

What are the Premiums?

We offer flexible monthly payment options with no money down and no interest!

Any Questions?

Please ask our team for a Kind Care Savings Plan Brochure at your next visit. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have. It takes no time at all and can be done on your first visit before the exam.