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Delta Dental Dentist in Orange Park

Dr. Natasha Patel and the whole team at Kind Care Dentistry are passionate about providing our patients with the high quality dental services that build long lasting smiles. Of course, we also value customer service as much as we do superior dentistry -- and that’s why we accept a number of dental insurance plans to help make your dental care as affordable as possible. Dr. Natasha Patel is your Delta Dental dentist in Orange Park!

Dental Insurance Supports Healthier Smiles

Families and individuals who have dental insurance are more likely to enjoy healthier smiles, too. That’s because insurance plans are geared toward prevention, which is the foundation of long-lasting teeth and gums. When you undergo a checkup and cleaning every six months, your dentist can catch oral health issues almost as soon as they develop. Early detection allows us to provide the most conservative treatment possible.

How Dental Insurance Works

When you visit an in-network dental provider like Kind Care Dentistry, using your Delta Dental insurance is a breeze. No money exchanges hands for the treatments that are fully covered. For all other services, simply pay the amount you owe at the time of your appointment. Our team will file the paperwork and receive the full payment later on.

What Does Your Delta Insurance Cover?

Dental insurance differs from medical insurance in that its aim is to stop problems before they start, rather than covering you after something already happens. Because the focus is on prevention, your Delta dental insurance plan should completely cover two checkups and cleanings annually. X-rays and fluoride treatments may be included as well.

If Dr. Patel detects an issue like a cavity, gum disease, or other problem requiring attention during the routine exam, you can expect your insurance to cover a significant portion of the recommended restorative treatment. You may need to choose the least expensive alternative treatment in cases of tooth replacement -- dental implants are usually not covered under dental insurance plans.

Making the Most Out of Your Plan

The most important step in maximizing your insurance benefits is understanding just what you are eligible for. Ask the right questions to get all the information you need -- like how much your deductible and annual maximum are. You probably won’t meet your deductible every year, but on the years that you do, you will want to get as close to your maximum as possible.

Secondly, make sure you are taking advantage of the benefits you have already paid for. Schedule and attend two checkups and cleanings annually -- you don’t have any reason not to when they’re free!

Visit Your Delta Dental Dentist This Month!

If you and your loved ones are covered under a Delta Dental plan, don’t let your benefits slip away! The team at Kind Care Dentistry is happy to maximize your benefits for the sake of your smile -- and your wallet. Request an appointment online today!