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COVID-19 Cleaning: The Steps Your Dentist Takes to Keep a Sterile Operatory

May 16, 2020

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Operatory cleaned by dentist in Orange Park

Dentists are sticklers for cleanliness. Even when there isn’t a pandemic, dental offices adhere to very strict sanitation procedures to make sure that you walk into a sterile environment each time you have an appointment. Now that the pandemic has struck, dentists are implementing even tighter guidelines to protect you, themselves, and their teams. They will not see you until they have completed each step to a T. Find out how your dentist in Orange Park creates a germ-free environment for your dental care.

First Things First

Before taking the steps of keeping a clean dental environment, the patient, dentist, and their team must all be pre-screened. Not only is it important to maintain a sterile office, it is equally important to make sure that the dental professionals do not have the possibility of passing the virus on to the patient and vice versa.

Each day, each member of the dental team receives a no-touch temperature check and a questionnaire to determine if they have the potential to be carrying the virus. The patient will receive the same check before their appointment. If all parties pass the test, then the appointment can begin.

Cleaning Procedures

On top of hand hygiene procedures and the use of personal protective equipment, practices follow specific guidelines to clean their operatory rooms. They will:

  • Make sure that the instruments they need are ready and have been fully sterilized
  • Confirm that the operatory to be used has been cleaned and disinfected correctly after each appointment
  • Sterilize every surface in the room, including countertops, lights, and the dental chair
  • Ensure that the room has been cleared of any foreign objects such as medical waste or other paraphernalia, re-sterilizing everything if any are found

There are fewer medically safe places than the dentist’s office. From updated safety standards for the team and patients to stricter sterilization regulations, dental teams across the country are working hard to give you the care you need in a secure, germ-free environment.

About the Author

Dr. Natasha Patel runs a tight ship when it comes to the safety of her offices. She wants to create a space in which patients can feel protected while receiving first-class dental care. She graduated from dental school at the Nova Southeastern University of Dental Medicine and has continued to update her education, staying on the cutting edge of dentistry. She has trained in many areas of dentistry, from implants to Invisalign, and takes pride in being able to provide comprehensive care at her practice. If you’d like to know more about the many safety standards that Dr. Patel has put in place at Kind Care Dentistry, she and her team would love to speak with you. Give them a call at (904) 602-8635 or send them an email.

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