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Your Dentist in Orange Park Gives 5 New Year Oral Health Tips!

January 9, 2019

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You’ve thought about the improvements you want to make this year, and achieving excellent oral health  is one of them. The challenge you face, though, is determining what changes you need to make. Your dentist in Orange Park says simple is always best, so as you read on, discover 5 easy tips that you can incorporate into your lifestyle that will yield positive results!

Tip #1 – Manage Your Sugar Intake

Do you have a “sweet tooth?” If so, then cutting back on your consumption of such items as candy, desserts and sports drinks will be impactful. That’s because the primary nemeses of oral health are bacteria, and their main source of food is sugar.

This explains why some people who deal with teeth sensitivity may notice a flare-up after consuming a sugary item. One adjustment that can be made is to cut-back on your sugar intake and use fruit as a substitute. The naturally-occurring sugars cause far less damage to your teeth.

Tip #2 – Make Drinking Water a Priority

If you typically struggle to drink water, then increasing your intake in the new year will be beneficial on multiple levels. Most importantly, it’s vital to the function of your entire body.

An added perk, though, of drinking more water is that it helps to flush lingering debris after you eat a meal, and by saturating the mouth, it makes the environment less conducive to the growth of bacteria.

Tip #3 – Brush Your Teeth Twice Daily

Most people are consistent with brushing their teeth every morning, but there’s not always a guarantee that they’ll perform the second and equally vital session before retiring for bed. That can result in the excessive growth of bacteria at night.

So to see improvements in your oral health this year, commit to performing oral hygiene before bed.

Tip #4 – Ask More Questions

Unfortunately, most of the people who have dental insurance will fail to maximize it by the end of the year. If you could stand to improve in this area, then preventive care provides an effective way.

By maintaining semi-annual visits, you’ll not only benefit from the cleanings and examinations to monitor your oral health, but you’ll also have an opportunity to ask questions. The expert advice you’ll receive will empower you to boost your dental wellness.

Tip #5 – Floss, Floss, Floss

Did you know that when you brush your teeth, you’re only able to clean around 60% of the surface? That’s because there are certain areas that a toothbrush can’t maneuver into.

The remedy, then, is to use dental floss. The pliable material is able to remove food and bacteria wedged between your teeth. In doing so, it helps to protect your smile, freshen your breath and improve your gum health.

Many times, big results only require minor changes. By taking heed to what you’ve learned and working with your local dentist, you can make this a stellar year for your oral health!

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Dr. Natasha Patel is a graduate of the prestigious Nova Southeastern University School of Dental Medicine. Throughout her career, a commitment to excellence combined with a passion for service, has allowed Dr. Patel to create a patient experience that is unmatched. She provides preventive care at Kind Care Dentistry, and she can be reached for more information through her website.

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