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Why Do I have a Toothache?

June 26, 2016

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A seemingly routine, normal day can quickly turn into a emergency situation due to a toothache. Your life can literally be put to a halt, and this can cause confusion, distress, pain, and worry.

Toothache symptoms can range from dull pain to certain sugary foods, sensitivity to temperature, pain on biting, or can even manifest as  throbbing constant pain. There can be many causes of toothaches, and its our job to diagnose exactly what is the cause for the problem. Sometimes it can be simple as root exposure from recession due to a underlying cause, tooth fractures, or a  cavity that has progressed reaching the nerve of the tooth and causing an infection.

A toothache is a sign that something is wrong, and the tooth is letting you know that it does need attention. The quicker the problem is diagnosed, the quicker you can become pain free. The last thing you would want to do is wait, as problems can progress unnoticed and cause the loss of the tooth in question. We have a variety of tests and technologies to actually diagnose the exact cause of a toothache, and lay out the needed treatment to alleviate the pain and make that tooth healthy once again.

So what are some things that can help us diagnose this problem? Well we will probably ask you some questions listed below.

  • What type of pain do you feel? (Sharp, dull, throbbing etc.)
  • When do you feel the pain? (Is it spontaneous occuring without any stimulus, or is it provoked by something that you do or eat?)
  • How often do you feel the pain and when did it start?
  • What is your dental history? (Previous dental work on the tooth will be evaluated)
  • What is your medical history?

Our digital xrays, intraoral cameras will show exactly the tooth in question, and we will show you why this toothache is occurring and the appropriate treatment needed. Finding a way to being pain free is the priority during this visit and we will discuss the variety of options needed to make sure you can resume your daily life once again, with a healthy functioning tooth.

We accept all walk-in emergencies and are open late and on weekends to accommodate cases such as toothaches. Same day treatment can be done but it is vital to contact the dentist as soon as possible before the problem gets worse. An infection can become systemic and cause life threatening situations if swelling occurs and proper treatment is not seeked.



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