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Advanced Dental Technology

Every year, the dental world grows and evolves, introducing sophisticated techniques and tools that make the care experience even better for patients from beginning to end. In fact, Dr. Natasha Patel and her team are happy to offer several modern touches right here at Kind Care Dentistry. Contact our Orange Park, FL practice today if you’re ready to schedule a first appointment. We look forward to welcoming whole families and patients of all ages!

Intraoral Cameras

When your dentist is looking into your mouth as your lay back in the treatment chair, do you ever wonder what exactly they’re seeing? Intraoral cameras can show you their view in crystal-clear detail. The process is simple – our team will insert a small, camera-tipped wand into the mouth, instantly transmitting images to a nearby monitor in the room for viewing. This helpful visual aid allows Dr. Patel to point out areas of damage, better explain treatment options, and make you a fully informed partner in your oral healthcare journey.

Digital X-Rays

Today, digital X-rays have far surpassed the traditional film model of yesterday in several ways. Now, there’s no need for a darkroom – the high-resolution images are captured and immediately transferred to our computer system. Our Kind Care Dentistry team can even magnify and color-code them so that patients of all ages can understand what they’re seeing! Better yet, radiation exposure is greatly reduced with digital X-rays, sometimes by up to 80-90%. This means your family stays safer and more comfortable throughout the process.

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